From Kobarid you head down the main road Kobarid–Tolmin and at the end of Kobarid, turn left at the cannon. Follow the road, go straight on at the fork and turn right at the next signpost. Go straight on, through the village of Idrsko, past a stone water trough and then turn right at the second crossroad. Carefully cross the road and continue straight in the direction of Livek. Just a few metres before the turn for Livek you can stop at a private museum collection The Soča Region 1915–1917 located by the main road. After the visit, continue for five kilometres on a tarmac road that ascents to the village of Livek. The village of Livek lies on the border with Italy in the arms of Mt. Kuk and Matajur and during the battles on the Isonzo Front was under Italian occupation. During the breakthrough in October 1917 the area was occupied by the German Army. In Livek you turn left for Kolovrat and after 100 metres, at the Topolovo Trail information board, turn right and follow a marked road that rises slightly in its second part. You cross the border two times on this trail, meandering between Slovenia and Italy. After a good hour of walking you reach the hamlet of Livške Ravne. When you reach the main road you turn right, past the Centre of school and Out-of-school Activities Kavka. You continue your journey on a tarmac road for about a kilometre, when you reach a small parking space on the left side of the road, turn right onto the dirt road. After some hundred metres of dirt road the tarmac starts again. Here you cross the border with Slovenia and Italy. After a few metres of tarmac, you turn left onto a path. After a short climb you reach the top of the Kolovrat Ridge (Mt. Nagnoj 1,193 m). You walk for around an hour along the border ridge and follow the well trodden and marked path all the way to the outdoor museum Kolovrat. Here take the circular trail around the outdoor museum that depicts the renovated Italian third line of defense. The location of the museum offers stunning views of the Julian Alps and the emerald Soča River on one side of the ridge and of the Slavia Friulana, Friuli Plain and the Adriatic Sea on the other.

Photos: (1, 4) Jošt Gantar, Turizem Dolina Soče; (2, 6) Matevž Lenarčič, Fundacija Poti miru; (3, 5) Jure Batagelj, Fundacija Poti miru


Guided Tour Programmes:

Outdoor Museum Kolovrat – The Story of War and Peace in the Arms of Nature

Kobarid in the Whirlwind of Centuries