Cadorna House

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On the slope of Castellazzo/Gradina, in the vicinity of the Visitor Centre Gradina, the Italian soldiers built the refuge Cadorna House (Casa Cadorna) in 1916 and 1917. Because of its position it was believed to be a completely safe shelter from enemy attacks, therefore the military command was also placed here. The refuge was named after the Italian General and Head of the Supreme Command, Luigi Cadorna. Now, it affords a splendid view over the Lake of Doberdò/Doberdobsko jezero and the Trieste Kras (Carso triestino) with the elevations of historical interest, such as Arupacupa/Gorjupa kupa, Monte Debeli/Debeli vrh, Ermada/Grmada, etc.

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From Doberdò del Lago/Doberdob follow the CAI 77 footpath (on foot or by mountain bike). The footpath ends near the lake. After about two kilometres you reach the Casa Cadorna refuge.


Centro Visite Gradina
Via vallone, 32
Doberdò del Lago (GO)
+39 320 2963942, +39 0481 784111

Hiking Researchers Groups
Easy | 1 hr


1 hr

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45.836092, 13.559501


118 m

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