Visitor Centre Gradina

The Visitor Centre Gradina is located on the slope of Colle Nero/Črni hrib, on the site of a former stone quarry. With its environmental and historical museum, the centre is a reference point for the Natural Reserve of the Doberdò and Pietrarossa lakes (Riserva naturale dei laghi di Doberdò e Pietrarossa). The protected area involves three municipalities: Doberdò del Lago/Doberdob, Monfalcone/Tržič and Ronchi dei Legionari/Ronke. The reserve is characteristic for its two large karst depressions, each with an intermittent lake. A limestone ridge separates the water surfaces of the two lakes.


Centro Visite Gradina
Via vallone, 32
Doberdò del Lago (GO)
+39 320 2963942, +39 0481 784111

GPS: 45.841795, 13.547811


Photos: Tina Klanjšček, PromoTurismoFVG

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