Natural Reserve of the Doberdò and Pietrarossa Lakes

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Lago di Doberdò is a typical karstic intermittent lake. In certain seasons it is filled with water but is practically dry in others. Together with the unique landscape it belongs to the natural reserve Riserva naturale dei laghi di Doberdò e Pietrarossa (Natural Reserve of the Doberdò and Pietrarossa Lakes). During the combats on the Kras, it was an important source of water in this notoriously dry karstic area. It was named after the nearby village of Doberdò del Lago/Doberdob, which is the biggest settlement on the plateau. During the Isonzo Front, it was in the maelstrom of war events and therefore almost completely destroyed.

 Photo: Tina Klanjšček, PromoTurismoFVG

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Centro Visite Gradina
Via Vallone, 32
Doberdò del Lago (GO)
+39 320 2963942, +39 0481 784111

IAT Monfalcone
Via Sant’Ambrogio, 21
I–34074 Monfalcone (GO)
+39 0481 282352

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GPS coordinates

45.831000, 13.562419

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