The Monument of Peace Cerje

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At the edge of the Kras Plateau, on Cerje Hill (Veliki hrib), stands a 25-metre high tower which affords a splendid view over the Vipavska dolina Valley, Goriška Region, Friuli Lowland, Trieste Gulf and the Kras Region.
The stone giant hides precious treasures of history and arts, and intertwines the past with the future. The mighty building of seven floors displays various periods of Slovenian history and milestones: from ancient history to the dark periods of World Wars, Slovenian war of independence to the last floor with an observation platform that symbolises the view into the future.
The theme of World War I is presented through the exhibitions “The Isonzo Front” and “The Man and War”, as well as through the life work of Rudi Španzl, a painting “The Dance of Life and Death”, that reminds us of the horrors of World War I.
The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, which operates as part of the Monument of Peace Cerje, covers the Kras section of the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic trail and is an excellent starting point for exploring the remains of World War I in this area. Pečinka and Ruska jama caves, the Throne of Boroević and IR 43 waymark, Segeti encampment and Fajtji hrib hill are just some of many locations in the vicinity of the Monument of Peace Cerje, which tell the visitor the story of World War I in the Kras region.

Photos: (1, 2) Matevž Lenarčič, Fundacija Poti miru; (3–5) Jošt Gantar, Turizem Miren – Kostanjevica


Guided Tour Programmes:

Monument of Peace Cerje – The Treasury of History and Art

Park of Peace Cerje – Retracing the Footsteps of a WW1 Soldier

Kras – Underground Secrets of Caves

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From the local road Miren–Opatje selo turn left onto a side road at the indication sign for Cerje and drive for around 2 kilometres up a tarmac road.  At a larger crossroad with the indication sign for Cerje, turn left and continue onwards to the lower parking area, located just at the beginning of the Promenade of Gratitude. From there you can reach the Monument of Peace on foot or you can drive all the way to the top where there is another larger parking area just next to the Monument of Peace.


Center za obiskovalce Pot miru, Pomnik miru Cerje
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, Monument of Peace Cerje)
Lokvica 35
SI–5291 Miren
+386 31 310 800

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
1.5 hrs


1.5 hrs

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