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Hiking Researchers Groups
Medium | 3 hrs

The elevation of Prižnica above Plave (Hill 383) was an important strategic point for the access to the Banjška planota plateau. After the Italian declaration of war, the Austro-Hungarian Army withdrew to the left bank of the Soča (Isonzo) and destroyed all the bridges behind. The Italian troops crossed the Soča already in June 1915 and fortified their positions at the foot of Mt. Prižnica. The Italian Army launched its first major attack on the peak of Mt. Prižnica on 16 June 1915 with as many as three brigades, yet unsuccessfully. Only after two years of fierce fights the Italian troops succeeded in conquering Mt. Prižnica in the Tenth Isonzo Battle in May 1917. The place was also named “the Bloody Hill”.
Both the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian armies built a vast complex of military infrastructure on the entire area of Mt. Prižnica. Remains of this heritage can still be seen today (water trough, remains of the Avellino Brigade cabin with a cave, dressing station, trenches and caves, military cemeteries, etc.); a circular path connects them into the Prižnica Memorial Park.
The visit to the museum starts above the village of Plave, where we ascend the slope of Mt. Prižnica, following an old military road.  The road takes us past several remains of the Isonzo Front, the Church of St. Quirinus and the Chapel of St. Aloysius and returning to our starting point.


Photos: Damijan Simčič, TIC Kanal

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Price: 40 €/h for groups of up to 10 people
Free of charge for children up to the age of 10 in the company of a grown-up.
Children up to the age of 10 must be accompanied by a grown-up.

Assembly point: second turn on the Plave–Paljevo road


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Hiking Researchers Groups
Medium | 3 hrs


3 hrs