Jôf di Somdogna/Krniška glavica

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Demanding | 5 hrs

Mt. Jôf di Somdogna/Krniška glavica is located at the end of the Val Dogna between Mts. Jôf di Montasio/Montaž and Jôf di Miezegnot/Poldašnja špica. Being of strategic importance due to the nearby border between the Kingdom of Italy and Austria-Hungary, the mountain, was conquered by the Italians in the summer of 1915. Today, a circular trail runs past numerous remains of World War I (fortified trenches, soldiers’ dwellings, observation posts, Kopfach refuge, etc.). On the top of Jôf di Somdogna/Krniška glavica there is a cross dedicated to the victims of World War I.

Photo: Gabriele Menis, PromoTurismoFVG

Access and useful info


Access is possible from two directions:
In Dogna, turn to Via Roma and pay attention to the signposts for Val Dogna. After crossing the Fella River, stay on the road for further 18 kilometres to reach Sella Somdogna where the asphalt road ends. From there, take a few steps straight, then turn right onto the CAI 651 trail and at the next fork left to the CAI 610. The trail runs past numerous World War I remains to the Kopfach refuge and then across the top of Jôf di Somdogna/Krniška glavica down along the CAI 652. After about an hour of walk, at the next fork with CAI 611, turn left towards the Rifugio Grego hut. From the hut, the trail leads again to Sella Somdogna.
In the Municipality of Malborghetto-Valbruna/Naborjet-Ovčja vas drive to the hamlet Valbruna/Ovčja vas. Continue along the Val Saisera/Zajzera Valley to the Malga Saisera/Zajzera mountain pasture, where there is a large parking place. Continue on foot along the CAI 611 trail all to the Rifugio Fratelli Grego hut (1,389 m). From the hut onwards, follow the signposts for Lake Somdogna. Turn to the left and continue along the CAI 610 trail to Jôf di Somdogna/Krniška glavica.


Tarvisio Infopoint
Via Roma, 14
I–33018 Tarvisio (UD)
+39 0428 2135

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Demanding | 5 hrs


5 hrs

GPS coordinates

46.453156, 13.439192


1,889 m

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Trekking clothing and footwear, drinks and food from backpack, trekking poles, flashlight