Jôf di Miezegnot/Poldašnja špica

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Mt. Jôf di Miezegnot/Poldašnja špica/Großer Mittagskofel is located at the junction of three valleys (Val Dogna, Val Saisera/Zajzera and Val Canale/Kanalska dolina). Mt. Jôf di Miezegnot was also occupied by Italian forces at the beginning of the Isonzo Front. Numerous remains that can be seen along the way still bear witness to the difficult life of the soldiers, who were, in addition to all the hardships of military life, also subject to unfavourable climate conditions.
The path leads past the former cemetery, where some tombstones and a wooden cross can still be seen. At the altitude of 1,890 metres, we come upon the remains of a military settlement, where the Italian soldiers found refuge against the shelling by the enemy whose troops were deployed on the neighbouring mountain Piccolo Jôf di Miezegnot/Mala Poldašnja špica/Kleiner Mittagskofel. In addition to brick buildings, there was also a chapel. Of the buildings, only the outer walls have been preserved, and the remains of the former chapel have been restored and serve as a bivouac today (Ricovero Battaglione Alpini Gemona). An iron cross stands on the top of Jôf di Miezegnot, and there are also ruins of buildings, remains of fortified positions and observation posts. If the tour is continued along a circular trail towards the Peceit ridge, even more remains of fortified positions and buildings can be seen on the way.

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In Dogna, turn to Via Roma and pay attention to the signposts for Val Dogna. After crossing the Fella River, stay on the road for further 18 kilometres to reach Sella Somdogna where the asphalt road ends. From there to the top, follow the signposts for the CAI 609 trail. You can return along the same trail or you can follow the signposts for the CAI 606, which crosses the Peceit ridge and then heads towards the Alpina Gemona bivouac. At the remains of a military settlement, the trail joins CAI 609 again.


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Hiking Researchers
Demanding | 4.5 hrs


4.5 hrs

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46.476656, 13.453622


2,087 m

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