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The chapel in Gabrje was built in 1920 on the former Italian military cemetery by the 4th Regiment of the alpini, who were part of Italian mountain troops. Buried in the cemetery were the Italian soldiers who were killed between May 1915 and March 1916 in the battles on Mts. Mrzli vrh and Vodel. Between the two World Wars their mortal remains were transferred to the charnel house at Oslavia/Oslavje north of Gorizia/Gorica. The columned entrance to the chapel is decorated on the top with the inscription Torneranno. Inside, there are eight marble slabs on which the names of 219 fallen soldiers are inscribed. In the centre of the chapel stands a big cross, the work of the sculptor Giuseppe Rifesser, and a copy of the wooden statue of an alpino praying over the grave of an unknown comrade. After World War II the chapel was used for husbandry purposes and was forgotten until the end of the 1990s, when it was restored.
Below the road the remains of a dwelling fortification can be seen, which was named Ridottino by Italian soldiers.

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From Tolmin drive in the direction of the village of Dolje and then continue to the next village of Gabrje. Park your car immediately after you pass the village road sign and turn onto a dirt road behind the first house on the right. The chapel is located a few metres away.


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Easy | 30 min.


30 min.

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