Mt. Vodel

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Like the entire Vodel–Mrzli vrh–Sleme ridge, the 1,053 metres high mountain remained in the Austro-Hungarian hands throughout the war. It was a successful point of defence against the enemy advance to the valley of the Tolminka River and of control over the Valley of the Soča (Isonzo) near Dolje. Although the bloodiest battles in this area raged on the Mrzli vrh–Sleme section, the Italian soldiers even failed to break the defensive line at Mt. Vodel, which remained unchanged until the breakthrough in October 1917.

Text: Jaka Fili
Photo: Matevž Lenarčič, Aerovizija, Fundacija Poti miru

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Dolje‒Mt. Grmuč‒Mt. Vodel‒Zatolmin 6 hrs

Zatolmin‒Pretovč mountain pasture 2.5 hrs
Pretovč mountain pasture‒Mt. Vodel 1–1.5 hrs

Kuhinja mountain pasture‒Pretovč mountain pasture 1.5 hrs
Pretovč mountain pasture‒Mt. Mrzli vrh‒Mt. Grmuč‒Mt. Vodel 1.5–2 hrs


TIC Tolmin
Mestni trg 5
SI–5220 Tolmin
+386 5 380 04 80

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46.207313, 13.722391


1,053 m

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