Fort on Mt. Bernadia-Lonza

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The fort on Monte Bernadia-Lonza was built in 1910, not far from the border with Austria-Hungary. It was an integral part of the defence along the middle course of the Tagliamento and along the Torre River. The fortification was reinforced by permanent gun positions on Mts. Pocivalo, Campeon, Faeit, Ciuc dal Ronco, and the fort Adorgnano. In October 1917, the arms were taken away from the Bernadia-Lonza fort and it never took part in the events of World War I. The well-preserved fort also offers a beautiful panoramic view over the Friuli lowlands and the peaks of the Julian Pre-Alps. From the inner courtyard, the stairs on the left lead to riflemen’s positions who defended the moat around the fort. At the back there was an ammo depot. The ground floor served as living quarters for soldiers, and the remains have also been preserved of a freight elevator which brough ammunition from the lower part of the fort to its top, where four 149-mm guns were emplaced. The places where guns used to be are now covered over with domes.

Photos: Paolo da Pozzo, PromoTurismoFVG

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In the centre of Tarcento, follow the signposts for Sedilis–Monte Bernadia.


IAT Tarcento
Via Julia 13,
I‒33017 Tarcento (UD)
+39 0432 791471

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
Easy | 1 hr


1 hr

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