Artillery Battery on Mt. Campeon

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The hills Faeit (731 m) and Campeon (759 m), located a few kilometres from the fort on Monte Bernadia-Lonza, were two important points in the defence of the border and the middle course of the Tagliamento River. Near Sammardenchia, Italian commanders ordered the construction of smaller barracks, depots, and permanent gun positions with four 149-mm guns.
Remains of depots, barracks, platforms where the guns were emplaced, and three well-preserved spare magazines for arms of 1909 can still be seen on the top of the hills Campeon and Faeit.
From the top a beautiful view opens over the Friuli hills and lowlands.

Photos: Gabriele Menis, PromoTurismoFVG

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You come to the Municipality of Artegna along the SS13 state road. Follow the signposts for the city centre to the junction with Via Villa. Turn right towards Magnano in Riviera and after 600 metres turn left to Via Santo Stefano and continue until you reach Monte. Local signposts will direct you to the point of departure.


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Hiking Researchers
Easy | 2 hrs


2 hrs

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