Fort on Col Roncone

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In the heart of the hilly part of Friuli, three forts were planned to complement other military positions in the area of ​​the middle stream of the Tagliamento. The forts Col Roncone, Fagagna and Santa Margherita were built in the zone between the Torre stream (Monte Bernadia-Lonza, Adorgnano) and the gun positions along the Tagliamento on the other side (Ragogna Bassa, Ragogna Alta, Col Colàt).
The forts Fagagna and Santa Margherita are inaccessible. The fort on Col Roncone has been restored and is considered one of the best-preserved World War I buildings in ​​Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is used as a venue of various cultural events and exhibitions.
To get to the fort, one has to cross a moat that encircles the fort. Only the ground floor can be viewed in the fort, as the stairs to the first floor have been demolished. Until 1915, guns of 149-mm- and 75-mm calibre were emplaced upstairs. Due to military needs, the arms were removed from the fort shortly before the outbreak of the war, thus it never served its purpose. During the renovation, fibreglass domes were set up at the places where the guns had been emplaced.

Photos: Paolo da Pozzo, PromoTurismoFVG

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In the centre of Rive d´Arcano, follow the signposts for Arcano Superiore and after 200 metres turn right to Via Roncon. Follow the road for another 1.7 kilometres.


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