Permanent Artillery Battery Ragogna Alta―Forte del Cavallino Fort

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The permanent artillery battery Ragogna Alta and the Forte del Cavallino fort are two of the points of interest along the Itinerario del complesso fortificato del Monte di Ragogna footpath, located on the slope of the elevation Ragogna (512 m) above the left bank of the Tagliamento. The Italians started to fortify this hill as early as 1909, as they were aware of its strategic position and importance in the defence of the Cornino and Pinzano bridges over the Tagliamento River.
Not far from the top of Ragogna hill there are the Ragogna Alta permanent gun positions and the Forte del Cavallino fort. A concrete building close to the ridge served as a depot for ammunition and arms. In front of it, 149-mm guns were emplaced to protect the area of ​​ Cornino Bridge. Located 100 metres further to the east are the fortified positions that defended the southeastern slope in the direction of San Daniele del Friuli. These positions were connected by a freight elevator with the shell depot in a cave.
In 1909, the Cavallino fort as well as the lower fort Ragogna Bassa were furnished with guns of the same calibre. The entire Ragogna Alta complex is encircled by a double line of trenches. At the distance of 200 metres, soldiers managed to direct water to the well called Fontane dai Soldâs in 1912.

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Route of the Fortified Complex on Mt. Ragogna  

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In Ragogna, follow the signposts for Muris and Monte di Ragogna until you reach the top, where there is a small parking place.


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