Victory Memorial Bridge

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The bridge over the Piave River connecting the Municipalities of San Donà and Musile was originally built in 1224. During World War I, in November 1917 (after the Twelfth Isonzo Battle), the old construction was blown up in order to slow down the advance of the Austro-Hungarian troops. After the Battle of Vittorio Veneto in 1918, the two sides of the “river that is sacred to the Homeland” were connected again, at first with a pontoon bridge, and in 1919 with a wooden structure. The current metal bridge Ponte della Vittoria was built in 1922. It was inaugurated on 12 November 1922. The Victory Bridge is dedicated to Duke of Aosta, commander of the Third Italian Army that was deployed along the Piave in World War I.

Text: Regione del Veneto
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Road SS14


Centro visitatori “Walk of Peace, MUB Museo della Bonifica
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, MUB Museo della Bonifica)
Viale Primavera, 45
I‒30027 San Donà di Piave (VE)
+39 0421 42047,

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10 min.

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