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The hilly landscape of the area of Brda, named also Slovenian Tuscany, is best known for fruit production, and above all, for its grapes and excellent wines. The village of Šmartno lies on a hill in the geographical centre of Brda. At this vantage point, a medieval fortification―strong defence walls against Turkish incursions―was built in the first half of the 16th century on the remains of a Roman stronghold. The village on the hill, enclosed by walls and reinforced with towers, was first mentioned in 1317. It became an important strategic point along the border between the Republic of Venice and Austria and was included in the system of fortifications (Števerjan, Kojsko, Šmartno, Vipolže). The Venetians tried to conquer Brda but were defeated in both wars. The village still had the role of a border fortification in the 17th century and until the mid-18th century, when the Venetian threat had been over.
The houses in the village core are concentrated around the Church of St. Martin, the biggest parish church in Brda, with a former fortification tower as the church tower. Entering the complex of the Šmartno fortification and walking through its narrow streets between old and some renovated houses one can clearly see the medieval architectural layout.

Photos: Mitja Sodja, TIC Kanal

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TIC Brda
Šmartno 13
SI–5211 Kojsko
+386 5 395 95 95

Hiking Biking Families Groups
2 hrs


2 hrs

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