Museum Collection Šempeter and its Surroundings during the Great War

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The exhibition is curated by the Društvo soška fronta 1915–1917 association. It depicts the tragic fate of the locals that had to go into exile after one year of living behind the front lines. Moreover, it gives insights into events on the nearby battlefields (Rožna Dolina, Šempeter, Markov hrib Hill, Šober and Vrtojba) and the total destruction that the warfare caused in the years 1916 and 1917. The photographic part of the exhibition is accompanied by a selection of authentic military items that were used on the Isonzo Front by both fighting sides.
The fascinating life size diorama representing a realistic seen of the army life in an Austro-Hungarian trench nearby Šempeter transports you from the present into the past. You are heartily invited to visit the bunker under the Post Office in Šempeter, where the members of the Isonzo Front Association will gladly show you around and unveil the stories behind the exhibited items.

Text: David Erik Pipan
Photos: David Erik Pipan

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The museum collection is housed in a bunker under the Post Office in Šempeter pri Gorici.


Muzejska zbirka Šempeter in okolica med prvo svetovno vojno
David Erik Pipan
Vrtojbenska cesta 21a
SI‒5290 Šempeter pri Gorici
+386 41 541 868

Visiting the private collection is possible by prior arrangement.

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1 hr

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