Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Rebro

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There were two active military hospitals in Bohinjska Bistrica from May 1915 until the end of 1917. In the Zois Manor, which was the administrative office of the Bohinj’s ironworks, the field hospital n. 1.506 was set up. Wounded soldiers from the Isonzo Front were brought to this hospital. The other hospital, “Balassa Szarmat” took in patients with contagious diseases and was located under Rebro Hill. There was a hospital there during the construction of the Bohinj Railway Tunnel. The building is known by the locals as “Špital” (from the German word Spital) until this day.
The sick and wounded were transported to Bohinj by train from Tolmin Bridgehead and some were brought to the hospitals from the battlefield in the Krn Mountains.
The deceased from both hospitals were buried in the foothills of Rebro, above Bohinjska Bistrica from the summer 1915. Military chaplain K. Blaszik kept a thorough list of all the buried. The records made it possible for all 285 graves to have a plaque with the name of the soldier and his unit. The buried soldiers came from all nations of the Monarchy. Nine Russian war prisoners are also buried here. The Italian war prisoner’s remains were moved after World War I and in the summer of 1945 a German war prisoner was buried in the grave n. 7.
After World War I the cemetery was enclosed with a wooden fence. A wooden cross stood on the cemetery which in the 1980s was already in quite a bad state. In 1995 the cemetery was renovated. A marble stone monument was placed at the cemetery with the inscription: “Umrlim vojakom I. svetovne vojne v letih 1915–1917” (For the fallen soldiers from WW1 between 1915 and 1917).


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Text: Anja Poštrak, Gorenjski muzej
Photo: Fundacija Poti miru

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The military cemetery lies at the southern fringe of Bohinjska Bistrica on the hill Rebro. To reach it take a walk along the hiking trails from Jelovška cesta or from Majhnova ulica.


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Zoisova 15
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Hiking Researchers Groups
45 min.


45 min.

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*If the cemetery is not covered with snow, it can also be visited during winter time.