Mt. Purgessimo/Karkoš

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The resistance of Italian troops on the elevation Purgessimo/Karkoš (453 m) above the hamlet Purgessimo on the left bank of the Natisone/Nadiža River was lasting and bloody. The Italians demolished the bridge in the village Ponte San Quirino/Muost to delay the advance of the imperial troops. The attack on Purgessimo/Karkoš began in the early morning hours of 27 October 1917. From Azzida/Ažla and San Pietro al Natisone/Špieter, which were occupied on 26 October, the imperial army launched heavy shell fire on the mountain which was defended by the Ferrara Brigade. The shelling lasted for several hours; meanwhile, German patrols tried to advance to the foot of the mountain. They occupied Ponte San Quirino, from where they were able to fire more effectively on Italian troops. The battle lasted until 6 p.m., when Purgessimo/Karkoš was conquered and in a short time the Austro-Hungarian Army reached Cividale del Friuli/Čedad which was already on fire.


Text: Giorgio Banchig
Photos: (1) PromoTurismoFVG, (2–5) Fundacija Poti miru

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From Cividale del Friuli/Čedad take the road to Castelmonte/Stara gora. Pay attention to the signposts on the left which lead to the village of Purgessimo.
Park by the road in Via Roncuz (or by the sports field in Via Ugo Foscolo). If you continue along Via Roncuz you come to the signposts for Gronumbergo Castle and Monte Purgessimo/Karkoš. From here you can start the Purgessimo circular trail.


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Hiking Families
Medium | 3 hrs


3 hrs

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46.104799, 13.486469


453 m

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