Mt. Cosici/Košnik

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Easy | 1.5–2 hrs

Mt. Cosici (Cosich)/Košnik is an elevation near Doberdò del Lago/Doberdob, around which the first line of the Austro-Hungarian defence was concentrated from June 1915 to August 1916; it was conquered by Italian troops in the Sixth Isonzo Battle. In this interim period, the Italians repeatedly attacked its western and southern slopes, but of no avail. The remains of Austro-Hungarian fortified positions are largely hidden under the traces of trenches, shelters and gun positions that were made by the Royal Italian Army after the conquest, between August 1916 and October 1917. The place is very interesting in terms of history and landscape.

Text: Marco Pascoli
Photo: Archive of Roberto Lenardon

Access and useful info


If you travel by car from Selz (in the Municipality of Ronchi dei Legionari), continue along the provincial road SP15 towards Doberdò del Lago/Doberdob. After a detour, the road widens on both sides to parking lots. The trail on the right leads to the top of Monte Cosici (Cosich)/Košnik.
Access is also possible from the parking area by Lake Lago di Doberdò/Doberdobsko jezero in Via Ivan Trinko.


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Hiking Families Groups
Easy | 1.5–2 hrs


1.5–2 hrs

GPS coordinates

45.819915, 13.541753


112 m

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