Mt. Cum/Hum

Italian Artillery Base

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The elevation Cum/Hum, which was an important part of the third line of defence for the Italian Army during World War I, was turned into a strong base. The Italians crisscrossed Mt. Hum with mule tracks (mulattiere), trenches and caves. Mainly in its southwestern part, a real settlement of cabins and dwelling units was set up. The height and strategic position of the hill were used to the Italian advantage and a large number of gun positions were arranged on it, from which they could shell the battlefield on Mrzli Vrh, Mengore, and the surroundings of Tolmin, as well as the enemy’s positions on the Kanal battlefield. During the Twelfth Isonzo Battle, Mt. Cum was one of the last points from where the Italians defended themselves in an organized manner and managed to cover with fire the Judrio/Idrija Valley, the range of Kolovrat, Ježa and Kanalski Kolovrat, as well as the Valli del Natisone/Nadiža Valleys.


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Hiking Researchers Groups
Medium | 6 hrs


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