Fort Osoppo

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The history of the Osoppo fort dates back to the end of the Middle Ages and to the time of encounters between the Serenissima Repùblica Vèneta and the House of Habsburg. In 1900, the fort was incorporated into the defence system of the upper course of the Tagliamento River and the valley Val Fella. At that time, a few more buildings were added. The fort was declared a national monument in 1923, and was finally demilitarized only in 1951. Today, the fort, from which a beautiful view opens over the Tagliamento and its surroundings, is the scene of cultural events.
An access path made by Napoleonʼs soldiers in the early 19th century leads to the top. Shortly after the main entrance, a building appears on the right, where the guns were emplaced and directed towards the hill Cuar. From the vantage point on the east side, a view opens over the town Gemona del Friuli. Not far away is the entrance to the room that served as the main ammo depot for the entire military complex.
Access to the Osoppo South gun positions, where four 149-mm guns were emplaced on the platform, leads along a long corridor, where soldiers’ living quarters can be seen on one side and ammo depots on the other.
Several tunnels lead to the slightly higher-lying gun positions of Osoppo North. These guns were aimed at the bridge at Braulins, which is the main crossing over the Tagliamento in the upper part of Friuli. Not far from these positions the remains can be seen of an ammo depot in a cave, a water tank, a radiotelegraph station and a stable.

Photos: Paolo da Pozzo, PromoTurismoFVG

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At the first crossroad with traffic lights in Osoppo, turn to Via Fabris. After about 150 metres, the ascent to the Fort begins on the right.


I.A.T. Osoppo
Piazza Napoleone, 5
I‒33010 Osoppo (UD)
+39 0432 899350, +39 345 3146797

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
Easy | 3 hrs


3 hrs

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46.259903, 13.081705


230 m

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