Gola Aibl Fort

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The Gola Aibl fort was built in 1885‒1887 but was later further fortified, enlarged and connected by means of a tunnel to the fortification at Lago del Predil lake, which lies not far away. Three 90-mm guns and two 8-mm machine guns were emplaced in the fort, and there was room for two more.
The fort was out-of-date at the outbreak of World War I, and due to its position it was also an easy target for Italian artillery. Another problem was that from this location it was actually impossible to effectively repel the attacks. Since the Italians did not know that the Austrians had removed the arms from the fort and abandoned it even before the Isonzo Front opened, they shelled it abundantly from May to August 1915 and destroyed it completely in August.
Today, only a few concrete walls can be seen, while the ruins are overgrown with vegetation.

Photos: Gabriele Menis, PromoTurismoFVG

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From the A23 motorway, take the Tarvisio/Trbiž/Tarvis exit, then follow the signposts for Cave del Predil/Rabelj/Raibl on the SS54 state road. After Cave del Predil, continue along the provincial road SP76 to the lake. The fort is located on the right, just after the crossroads with the road to Slovenia.


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Hiking Biking Researchers
Easy | 30 min.


30 min.

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