Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Dutovlje

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During World War I, there was an important railway node between Dutovlje and Kreplje serving for the territory between Trieste/Trst, Gorizia/Gorica and Ljubljana. A large soldiers’ camp (muster area) was located here, from where troops from the rear were sent to different parts of the front. As early as 1916 a minor military cemetery “Epidemiefriedhof” (cemetery for contagious diseases) was organized here. It gradually increased during the war, so finally the number of the graves was 697. After the war the Italian authorities undertook to arrange and unite several minor military cemeteries into larger ones. Thus, the cemetery at Dutovlje rather increased since mortal remains of soldiers from military cemeteries in the vicinity were transferred to this location. According to the available Italian data, 1,374 Austro-Hungarian soldiers have final resting place here.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photos: (1, 2) Simon Kovačič; (3) Fundacija Poti miru

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The military cemetery lies in a sinkhole south of Dutovlje, not far from the civil cemetery.  The easiest access to the military cemetery is to go from Dutovlje towards Kreplje. After a good 400 metres you reach the civil cemetery, after which a cart track branches off from the main road, which leads to a nearby sinkhole where the military cemetery is.


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