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The main part of the Austro-Hungarian fortification consists of a 200-metre-long trench which connects two gun positions with a kitchen, an observation post, two dormitories for 40 men, and a shelter for 20 soldiers. The trench had 150 crenels for riflemen.
The place is called Na Čelu by local people. During World War I, this was the so-called Stützpunkt Kal for the Austro-Hungarian Army. The fortification was part of the Bovec blockade (Sperre Flitsch) that served as the defence against a possible Italian breakthrough, which did not happen and the fortification was not a site of direct combats.
The Austrians built it between November 1914 and the spring of 1915. They installed in it two 12-centimetre M. 1880 guns that were brought from the Fort Kluže. The fortification played an important role in the defence of the valley in the Bovec area, since the two roads, to Kluže and to Trenta, could be shelled from it. Due to the constant shelling by the Italian artillery the fortification was damaged at several points. Hence the squad had to leave it and fortify their positions somewhat lower, i.e. under its bottom right wing, where they made a large cave for the two above-mentioned guns which entered the history of the fights in the Bovec basin under the name of Batterie Kal.

Boštjan Burger 360° Surround Photography

Photos: (1–3) Jure Batagelj, Fundacija Poti miru; (4) Archive of Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien


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The Austro-Hungarian Guards of Bovec Area

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From the village of Kal-Koritnica, which lies 3 kilometres from Bovec in the direction of the Trenta Valley, the access to the outdoor museum Čelo is possible from two directions. Both trails are marked with the Walk of Peace indication signs.


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Hiking Families Researchers Groups
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2–2.5 hrs

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