Burial Ground of the Fallen in WW1 and WW2

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To the right of the civilian cemetery in Hotedršica, a military cemetery was organized in 1915, where foreign soldiers were buried. About 50 Austro-Hungarian soldiers, fallen in World War I, are buried here. They were of Hungarian, Czech and Austrian nationality. In addition to them, 9 WW2 partisans are also buried here. In 2020, a document was found in Vienna archives, stating that 22 soldiers of foreign armies had been buried here by the end of February 1917.
Surrounded by a low wall, the cemetery is arranged as a rectangular park with four grass rectangles. In the northern part, between two birches, there is a monument dedicated to the fallen in World War I. More to the south stands a monument dedicated to the fallen in World War II.

Text/Photo: Renata Gutnik

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The cemetery, surrounded by a low wall, is adjacent to the south side of the civil cemetery. The nearest address of a parking lot is Hotedršica 64. To the right of the church of St. John the Baptist, a path leads to the civil cemetery. You will reach the WW1 and WW2 cemetery by following the path that runs to the right of the civil cemetery walls.


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Hiking Biking Researchers Groups
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10 min.

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