Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Branik I

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At Branik, or rather in its vicinity, there are two Austro-Hungarian World War I military cemeteries. Buried in these two cemeteries are mainly soldiers who fell on the nearby battlefields or died in the military hospital at Branik.
According to the data of Italian authorities that organized exhumation of soldiers from military cemeteries in the 1930s, 275 Austro-Hungarian soldiers are buried at the Branik I cemetery. Concrete headstones of that period survive; they are fixed to the wall along the paved path leading through the cemetery.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

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The two military cemeteries (Branik I & II) are situated in the immediate vicinity of Branik. The military cemetery Branik I is in the very centre of the village in the immediate vicinity of the civil cemetery and the military cemetery Branik II lies at a distance of a kilometre and a half towards Spodnja Branica, just before the hamlet Hmeljaki.


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