Three treasure-troves of remembrance that are not to be left out along the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic trail!

At the three sites, the stories of people, nature and art reflect the history of World War I and the Isonzo Front in a very special way.

Visit the Kobarid Museum and learn why the Twelfth Isonzo Battle was so special that it enjoys a worldwide historical fame. After visiting the Museum, go to the Kolovrat panoramic ridge and explore the former Italian line of defence in the outdoor museum there. Discover the historical town of Kobarid.

Mt. Sabotin has been arranged into a Park of Peace and an outdoor museum, while during World War I it was drilled from all sides and criss-crosssed with galleries, trenches and caves. The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, the museum collection and every stone tell stories of Austro-Hungarian and Italian soldiers. The ascent is rewarded by a magnificent view, extending from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

The Monument of Peace Cerje proudly rises at the edge of the karst plateau. Among its treasures, the 25-metre-high tower holds a film on World War I and the art masterpiece The Dance of Life and Death and offers breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea, the Friuli Lowland, the Vipava Valley, and the Julian Alps. The Park of Peace at Cerje combines World War I remains, the Monument of Peace, the Pečinka cave, and the Throne of Boroević into a rich historical story.

Take advantage of a special offer and get up to 20% discount on visiting the other two museums if first visiting one of the three!

January–December 2024


Photos: 1) Jure Batagelj, Fundacija Poti miru; 2) Katarina & Andrej, Kobariški muzej; 3) Jošt Gantar, Miren Kras