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Ruska kapelica AR

Travel back to the past and experience the story of the Russian Chapel

One hundred and fifty years ago, the only things on the slopes of Vršič were footpaths and untouched nature. But when Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary during World War I, the pass of Vršič became of exceptional strategic importance. Tranquillity, the rustle of leaves in the wind and birdsong were replaced by the rumble of weapons being transported and the sounds of pickaxes—pickaxes that Russian prisoners of war were forced to wield. Human ruthlessness, famine, exhaustion and disease, followed by a devastating avalanche—the construction of the road on the Vršič Pass became just one more of the dark stains on military history.

Although more than a century has passed from these events, the deceased can be brought back to life with the help of modern technology and can be met face to face. Take your smartphone, download the app, visit all six locations and, with the help of augmented reality (AR), experience the real story of the Vršič road.

Is the Russian Chapel locked? Never mind, you can enter with the help of your smartphone.