The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, Monument of Peace Cerje

Visit us in the Walk of Peace Visitor Centre on Cerje. You are kindly invited to explore the Walk of Peace and plan your hikes along it with us. Available are all kinds of information on the trail, free promotional leaflets, maps and a guidebook to the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. In our centre, you can hire experienced guides who will take you to guided tours. You can view an interactive exhibition of the Monument of Peace and visit our shop Cerjanka whose offer boasts a variety of local products, selected souvenirs and history and tourist literature. In addition to the information on the Walk of Peace, our Visitor Centre also provides other information related to the Miren Kras as tourist destination and its surroundings. You can also just stop, sit down in our local bistro and enjoy a cup of coffee and other local specialities, as well as the best view over the surrounding panorama. Welcome!


Photos: (1‒4) Jošt Gantar, Miren Kras; (5) Mitja Ambroželj, Miren Kras; (6) Miren Kras