War Trails between San Daniele, Forgaria and Mt. Cuar

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Vie di guerra tra San Daniele, Forgaria ed il Monte Cuar is a 40-kilometre route that is partly done by car, partly on foot. After the defeat at Kobarid, the Italian Army had to organize defence in the area very fast against the advancing Austro-Hungarian and German armies. Along the route, one can see certain points of the Italian line of defence from the early November of 1917, where the Italians tried to stop the enemy until the command came to move to the Piave River.
The route starts at the Cornino bridge over the Tagliamento River, which connects the settlements of Majano and Forgaria nel Friuli. The bridge also crosses an islet of Isolotto del Clapat with a memorial plaque to the soldiers of the Genoa and Syracuse Brigades, who defended this position against the Bosnian Infantry Regiment until 4 November 1917. After the bridge, turn right towards Peonis and continue to Lake Cornino, where the Cornino–Trasaghis military track is still visible and the inscription 1916 has been well-preserved. Return to the fork and continue in the direction of Forgaria and the village San Rocco, where a small church stands where the command of the Italian Army was quartered at that time. But in November 1917, the church was completely destroyed.
Continue along the slope of the Carnic Prealps to the Prat plateau, from where a beautiful view opens over the Tagliamento River and the Friuli hills. Continue along a slightly narrower road to Cuel di Forchia, where the starting point is for the ascent to the hill Cuar, which served the Italian soldiers as an observation post. A mule track leads to the top.
After returning from Cuar, continue by car to San Daniele del Friuli, where the so-called Casa del Trecento (House of three hundred) houses the Sala esposizione di Cimeli Storici Militari. On three floors, items from different periods of military history are displayed, many of them also from the period of World War I.

Photos: (1, 4) Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat, PromoTurismoFVG; (2) Ulderica da Pozzo, PromoTurismoFVG (3) Fabrice Gallina, PromoTurismoFVG

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At Via Udine in Ragogna, turn right towards Muris and continue towards Cimano. After crossing the village, turn left towards Forgaria and cross the bridge over the Tagliamento River.


Gruppo Storico Friuli Collinare – Museo della Grande Guerra di Ragogna
Via Roma, 23 località San Giacomo
I‒33030 Ragogna (UD)
+39 0432 954078

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7 hrs

GPS coordinates

46.218193, 13.018563


Monte Cuar 1,478 m (Starting point of the hike: Cuel di Forchia 910 m)

Starting point

Cornino bridge 155 m

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Trekking clothing and footwear, drinks and food from backpack, trekking poles, flashlight