War Museum Tabor

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War Museum Tabor is situated in a defence tower that was built in 1487 and is a cultural monument of national importance. The owner of the museum and its manager is Srečko Rože. In his childhood he was attracted by his grandfather’s stories, Viktor Rože, who was an Austro-Hungarian World War I survivor, as well as by the stories of his father’s Albin from World War II. He found his first two objects with his grandfather Viktor on a local rubbish damp in his native village Kreplje near Dutovlje. He found a canteen and a bayonet and he was attracted by collecting. The first collection of military objects, which contained 511 items, was confiscated by the militia in 1983. After the completed military service in 1987 a new collection of military objects from both World Wars started to be formed. An archaeological and ethnological collection started to be formed slowly, connected in the first place to the native Kras environment, but as time went by also to other areas in Slovenia.

Text: http://www.vojaskimuzejtabor.eu/
Photos: Miha Dolenc, Vojaški muzej Tabor

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You can reach the village of Lokev coming from Divača or Sežana. War Museum Tabor is housed in the defence tower in the immediate vicinity of the Church of St. Michael.


Vojaški muzej Tabor
Srečko Rože
Lokev 66a
6219 Lokev
+386 5 767 0107, +386 5 767 0581, +386 41 516 586

Visiting the private collection is possible by prior arrangement.

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1 hr

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45.661305, 13.928239

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