War Museum Logatec

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The collection of the War Museum Logatec is one of the most important private collections of military history items in Slovenia. It boasts an exceptional wealth from all periods of wars and military history on the Slovenian territory. Ethnographic items of the Slovenian past make an important part of the collection; they do not have a military character but uphold Slovenian cultural tradition.
The World War I collection of the War Museum Logatec includes many items that maintain the memory of this war, the Isonzo battlefield in particular. In addition to the remains of gun shells and hand grenades, rifles, bayonets and sabres, as well as flasks, belt buckles and other military equipment, the collections of military insignia and decorations are very rich. The regimental trumpet of the Ljubljana 17th Infantry Regiment is an outstanding item. The image of World War I soldiers and officers is complemented by several uniforms, caps and helmets, including a dragoon helmet shield and a Berndorf helmet of the latest model. Of special interest in the collection is also an assemblage of more than 3,000 decorations from all over the world.
The War Museum Logatec has published more than 90 different professional books. Every year, the museum traditionally issues postcards, stamps, badges and coins to mark important personalities or events in Slovenian history.

Text/Photo: Vojni muzej Logatec

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The War Museum Logatec is located at Tržaška cesta 81 a. Access from the main road–Tržaška cesta.


Vojni muzej Logatec
(War Museum Logatec)
Tržaška cesta 81a
SI–1370 Logatec
+386 1 754 27 90

Občina Logatec
(Municipality of Logatec)
Tržaška cesta 50a
SI–1370 Logatec
+386 1 7590 600

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45.912087, 14.207226

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