Tunnel underneath Mt. Sveta gora

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After the Italian forces conquered Mt. Sabotin in August 1916, the defenders retreated to their new defensive positions built on the south-western slope of Mt. Sveta Gora. The front positions were connected with the rear with a long tunnel dug under the so-called Hill of St. Francis of Asissi.  The tunnel gave shelter to the battalion commanders and it even had a water trough. The tunnel is still well preserved and accessible. You can enter it from the south-western side of the hill, from the main road to Mt. Sveta Gora, near the X station of the via crucis. You have to bear in mind that part of the tunnel rises and you will have to climb up, using a steel cable for aid, this is why a headlamp and good hiking shoes are essential. Moreover, the ceiling is quite low in some parts so we recommend wearing a protective helmet.  Due to the slippery terrain, do not enter the cave from the opposite direction.

Text: David Erik Pipan
Photos: (1) Tanja Gorjan, Fundacija Poti miru; (2–4) Simon Kovačič, Fundacija Poti miru


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The Mysteries of Mt. Sveta Gora

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The entrance to the tunnel is in the immediate vicinity of the main road Solkan–Sveta Gora, near the X station of the via crucis. The exit to the tunnel is near the statue of St. Francis of Asissi.


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