The Underground Labyrinth on Mt. Vodice

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Easy | 3.5‒5 hrs

Mt. Vodice, situated in the southwest part of the Banjška planota plateau, affords a splendid view over the nearby Mt. Sveta Gora, its neighbour, Mt. Sabotin, and all the way to the Adriatic. Located on the top is the mausoleum of General Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga and a monument for the three alpini battalions, Monte Levana, Aosta, and Val Toce, who conquered the north-western part of Mt.Vodice on 18 May 1917. Also interesting to see is a multi-storey cave, a real maze consisting of numerous preserved trenches.
After visiting the underground labyrinth, you can add a short walk to the monument dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian General Guido Novak von Arienti, which adds another 90 minutes to your trip.


Photos: (1) Schirra/Giraldi, PromoTurismoFVG; (2‒9) Damijan Simčič, TIC Kanal

Useful info

Price: 40 €/h for groups of up to 10 people
Free of charge for children up to the age of 10 in the company of a grown-up.
Extra payment: Surcharge for extra animation programme 25 €/h for groups of up to 10 people

The visit to the underground system of caverns is not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia. Children until the age of ten must be accompanied by a grown-up.
Possibility of extra animation programme (soldier in uniform).
The programme can be combined with the programme The Mysteries of Mt. Sveta Gora.

Assembly point: parking area under the pilgrimage basilica on Sveta Gora


Center za obiskovalce Pot miru, Kobarid
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, Kobarid)
Gregorčičeva ulica 8
SI–5222 Kobarid
+386 5 389 0167, +386 31 586 296,

Hiking Families Researchers Groups
Easy | 3.5‒5 hrs


3.5‒5 hrs