Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Sežana

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The Austro-Hungarian cemetery is situated in the near vicinity of the civil cemetery at Sežana. Buried there are those Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died in the reserve war hospital at Sežana during World War I. The first graves date from the mid-August 1916, and the last ones from the end of September 1918. After the War, while managing military cemeteries, the Italian Military Authorities transferred to this cemetery mortal remains of soldiers from the nearby military and civil cemeteries. According to accessible information, 340 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Army are buried here, together with several Russian, Romanian and Serbian POWs.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photo: Simon Kovačič

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The military cemetery lies at the northeastern fringe of Sežana, not far from the civil cemetery. The easiest access to the cemetery is to go from Štorje towards Sežana; on entering the town, from the first crossroads onwards follow the signposts for the civil cemetery. The cart track takes you past the civil cemetery and about 100 metres farther you reach the military cemetery.


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