Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Prvačina

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The Austro-Hungarian military cemetery at Prvačina was located close to the military hospital at Prvačina during World War I. It was attached to the public cemetery surrounding the chapel of the Holly Cross. The Austro-Hungarian Army subsequently surrounded the cemetery with a large enclosing wall which has not been preserved. In later years the cemetery was significantly reduced because of the public cemetery. Only a third of the original military cemetery has been preserved (southernmost part), while a public cemetery expanded on the remaining part. According to the data of Italian authorities that organized exhumation of their soldiers from military cemeteries in the 1930s, 981 Austro-Hungarian soldiers are buried here, some of which also in the public cemetery but their graves have not been preserved.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

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The military cemetery lies next to the civil cemetery along the access road to the church of St. Andrew at Prvačina. The easiest access to the cemetery is to go from Volčja Draga towards Dornberk. After the local signboard Prvačina turn and cross the railway pass, then follow the signposts for the civil cemetery or the Church of St. Andrew, respectively. About 200 metres before the parish church there is a civil cemetery on the right side of the road and adjacent to it is also the military cemetery.


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