War Museum Pečine

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The heritage of the Isonzo Front could not have been presented to visitors without the efforts of enthusiasts who passionately collected and listed the remains they found in places where a hundred years ago the famous battles were fought. For several decades the locals, often quite by chance, used to discover what had remained from World War I: an unexploded shell in the backyard, an underground cave or a hidden letter. Many of them were curious about where and how their forefathers had fought. The collectors’ endeavours grew into valuable museum collections that stimulated the care for preservation and renovation of the Isonzo Front heritage. Together they present stories about soldiers of many nationalities, about their combat and daily life in war.

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In the village of Slap ob Idrijci turn for Šentviška Gora and continue on the road until the village of Pečine. The museum collection is located at the beginning of the village on the left side.


Bojan Pisk
Pečine 22
SI‒5283 Slap ob Idrijci
+386 5 380 95 22, +386 31 513 131

Visiting the private collection is possible by prior arrangement.

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
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1 hr

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46.121251, 13.827061

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