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Italian poet Guseppe Ungaretti also fought in this area of the Kras, in the surroundings of San Martino del Carso/Martinščina, where he found inspiration for his first collection of poems, Il porto sepolto (The Buried Haven). His debut book, published in 1916, contains 29 poems, of which the most popular seem to be Fratelli (Brothers) and San Martino del Carso. Ungaretti was the leading representative of Hermetism in Italy and an important personality on the 20th century Italian literary and historical scene. Located at Castelnuovo is a park dedicated to Ungaretti (Parco Ungaretti). It was renovated after the plans of architect Paolo Bornello who tried to point up an interpretation of Ungaretti in relation to the karst landscape and World War I.

Photos: (1‒3) Matevž Lenarčič, Fundacija Poti miru; (4) Gabriele Menis, PromoTurismoFVG

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SP9 from Sagrado/Zagraj or from San Martino del Carso/Martinščina


c/o Azienda Agricola Castelvecchio
Via Castelnuovo, 2
I‒34078 Sagrado (GO)

Associazione Amici di Castelnuovo
Via Castelnuovo, 2
I‒34078 Sagrado (GO)
+39 0481 99742

Centro visitatori “Walk of Peace”, IAT Fogliano Redipuglia
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, IAT Fogliano Redipuglia)
Via III Armata, 37
I–34070 Fogliano Redipuglia (GO)
+39 0481 489139, +39 346 176 1913

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