The Prosecco/Prosek Military Training Area Park (Park 97)

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Park 97, located near Trieste/Trst, is unique of its kind. There were no trenches, fortifications or other military structures built here during the conflict, but a series of facilities were built, i.e. an infrastructure for the training of the soldiers. The park’s name refers to the 97th Imperial-Royal Austro-Hungarian Regiment. Those who were enrolled in the 97th Regiment were trained here in combat techniques and the use of arms. The outdoor museum, which opened in 2017, is located in Bosco Fornace. The circular path is about 2 kilometres long and passes by several interesting sites, such as Priamo cave, backstop mound (firing range), training trench and Bersaglio cave.

Photos: Fabrizio Giraldi, PromoTurismoFVG


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The Prosecco/Prosek Military Training Area Park (Park 97)

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At the village of Prosecco/Prosek, very close to the monument to the Resistance, begins a sandy footpath. At the first crossroads go to the right until you reach the signposts of the park.


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Associazione culturale F. Zenobi
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Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
Easy | 2 hrs


2 hrs

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