Coastland Trench Park in Contovello/Kontovel (Park 40)

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Easy | 2 hrs

The Coastland Trench Park is located in Contovello/Kontovel, and it is a very easy route which offers a splendid view of the Trieste Gulf. The route takes its other name, Park 40, from the nearby discovery of a large number of ornamental brooches from the 40th Infantry Regiment.
The coastland trench was a complex which started in Duino and ended in Novigrad (today Croatia). It was built to defend the city of Trieste/Trst but was never used.

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Access and useful info


From Prosecco/Prosek follow the road SP1 and watch the indications for Monte Grisa/Vejna. Leave SP1 and turn right and then left at the next intersection. Leave the car at the parking lot and continue on foot.


Centro visitatori “Walk of Peace”, Trieste Info Point
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, Trieste Infopoint)
Piazza Unità d’Italia, 4/b
I–34121 Trieste
+39 040 3478312

Associazione culturale F. Zenobi
Caresana/Mačkolje, 12
I–34018 San Dorligo della Valle Dolina
+ 39 040 2452714, +39 040 231569, +39 335 7892593

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
Easy | 2 hrs


2 hrs

GPS coordinates

45.692735, 13.750443


375 m

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