Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Nemci

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The Austro-Hungarian military cemetery Nemci lies south of the village of Nemci, in the area called Podsleme. Here are buried the Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died in the military hospital in the direct vicinity.
According to the data of Italian authorities that organized exhumation of soldiers from military cemeteries in the 1930s, 794 soldiers are supposed to be buried here. It is believed that on that occasion, mortal remains of Austro-Hungarian soldiers from the cemeteries of Črtešče near Trnovo and Lurava njiva near Nemci were also transferred and reburied here. During the revitalization activities of 1983 the terrain was levelled and the graves are no longer visible. Only four headstones along the wall evoke the memory of the buried soldiers nowadays.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photos: Simon Kovačič

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The Nemci military cemetery lies at the edge of the forest near the hamlet Nemci on the Trnovska planota plateau. The easiest access to the military cemetery is to go from Nova Gorica towards Ravnica and further towards Trnovo. In Trnovo, take the road for Nemci. At the first houses in the hamlet Nemci, turn to the cart track and after about 500 metres you come to the signpost for the military cemetery. Park your car there and take a walk across a nearby meadow to the military cemetery, which lies beyond a stone wall in the shade of spruces.


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