Mt. Peski

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The 2,176 metres high mountain Vrh nad Peski was located in the immediate rear of the Austro-Hungarian line on Mt. Batognica. Thanks to its location and height, the Austro-Hungarian artillerymen were able to shell from this mountain the Italian positions on Mts. Batognica and Krn. As the front line in this section did not change, the Austro-Hungarian soldiers remained at Vrh nad Peski until the breakthrough of the front.

Text: Jaka Fili
Photo: Tanja Gorjan, Fundacija Poti miru

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Kuhinja mountain pasture‒Leskovca mountain pasture‒Lake Lužnica‒Saddle Prag‒Mt. Vrh nad Peski 4 hrs


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Hiking Researchers Groups
Demanding | 8–9 hrs


8–9 hrs

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46.264346, 13.676943


2,176 m

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