Mt. Mladesiena

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On 27 October 1917, the Vicenza Brigade was still deployed on Mt. Mladesiena (711 m) on the right bank of the Natisone/Nadiža River and along the Craguenza/Kraguonca ridge all the way to Mt. Joanaz/Joanac. The attack on these positions began in the morning. The Württemberg Battalion headed towards Calla/Kal and Pegliano/Ofijan from different directions, while other detachments started ascending from the bottom of the valley via Tarcetta/Tarčet, Antro/Landar, Spignon/Varh and farther to the south from Oculis/Nokula. Mladesiena was well defended by the Jonio Brigade. The attacks were long and bloody. The Italian positions were conquered one by one, and at 10 a.m. the mountain was in German hands. More than a thousand Italian soldiers were captured. The conquest of Mladesiena opened for Germans and Austrians the way on the right bank of the Natisone River to Cividale del Friuli/Čedad and the Friuli lowlands.


Text: Giorgio Banchig
Photo: ISK Benečija

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There are two routes to the top of Mladesiena.
Route 1: Drive to the village Puller/Pulerji (in the Municipality of Pulfero/Podbonesec). From here, an old military trail leads to Mladesiena.
Route 2: Drive to the village Biacis/Bijača (in the Municipality of Pulfero/Podbonesec). At the village trough a path starts which ascends to the castle and the forest, and finally to the top of Mladesiena.


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Hiking Families
Medium | 2‒4 hrs


2–4 hrs

GPS coordinates

46.139088, 13.462109


711 m

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