Mt. Flondar

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Easy | 1.5–2 hrs

Only few traces have been left of the old farmhouses on Flondar, i.e. a plateau west of Mt. Hermada/Grmada. They were completely demolished by the guns of the opposing forces in 1917, when the place became the scene of very important combats during the Eleventh and the Twelfth Isonzo Battles. Flondar became famed for two counterattacks by the imperial forces in early June and early September 1917 (recognized subsequently as an omen of the events to come), which inflicted heavy losses on the Italian troops that had but shortly before conquered the position and were then forced to withdraw for some “crucial” hundreds of metres.

Text: Marco Pascoli
Photo: Schirra/Giraldi, PromoTurismoFVG

Access and useful info


At the beginning of the village Medeazza/Medja vas (in the Municipality of Duino Aurisina/Devin Nabrežina) there is an old bus station. Go to the left along the asphalt road to the end of the village, and further along the macadam road towards Vallone di Brestovizza/Brestoviški dol. When you reach the signpost for the Sentiero Schmid footpath, follow it to the highest point (Hill 147).

Access is also possible from the village of Comarie/Komarji.


IAT Monfalcone
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I–34074 Monfalcone (GO)
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Sistiana Info Point
Sistiana, 56/B
I–34011 Duino-Aurisina (TS)
+39 040 299166

Hiking Families Researchers Groups
Easy | 1.5–2 hrs


1.5–2 hrs

GPS coordinates

45.808014, 13.595682


147 m

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Trekking clothing and footwear, drinks and food from backpack, trekking poles