Memorial Park ‘Parco della Rimembranza’

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During World War I the city of Gorizia/Gorica had the status of a true symbol. It was the biggest town between the Alps and Trieste/Trst and therefore a strategic point that had to be conquered. In the late 19th century, the city was regarded as the Habsburg architectural jewel and was a favourite holiday destination of aristocracy and high bourgeoisie (the so-called Austrian Nice). With the opening of the Isonzo Front in 1915 the city became part of the first front line and resultantly a scene of fierce battles. From their positions on the surrounding hills, the Austro-Hungarian forces managed to defend the city successfully for more than a year. The Italian troops conquered it in the Sixth Isonzo Battle in August 1916.
There are several monuments in Gorizia that are dedicated to World War I or its main protagonists. Immediately after the War, a memorial was erected in remembrance of the decisive Sixth Isonzo Battle. Like in many other Italian towns, in Gorizia too a memorial park was arranged to the memory of the victims of World War I (Parco della Rimembranza). The Park is located in the very core of the city; it is decorated with busts of popular personalities of Gorizian irredentism and statues that glorify the Julia Brigade and the Lupi di Toscana Infantry Brigade. Several memorials can also be found in the city park Giardini pubblici, where a statue of Enrico Toti, a statue dedicated to Infantry units, and other statues stand in the shade of centuries-old trees.

Photos: (1) ERPAC, Archive of Musei Provinciali di Gorizia; (2‒4) Gabriele Menis, PromoTurismoFVG

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The park is located between the streets Corso Italia and Via Duca d’Aosta in the centre of Gorizia/Gorica (address Corso Italia 145).


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Corso Italia, 9
I–34170 Gorizia
+39 0481 535764

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