Memorial Park of the Fallen Hungarian Soldiers

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One of the bloodiest battlefields of World War I (1914–1918) was the Isonzo Front where the Kingdom of Italy and Austria-Hungary waged war. During the battles of the Isonzo, both sides suffered enormous losses that were particularly high during the Tenth and the Eleventh Isonzo Battles which also took place in the area of today’ s monument. The soldiers fighting shoulder to shoulder for Austria-Hungary belonged to various nationalities. The number of fallen and missing soldiers of the Imperial and Royal Army and the Hungarian Royal Defence Forces exceeded the most pessimistic forecast, for on the entire Isonzo Front there were about half a million victims among them!
The memorial to the Hungarian soldiers fallen on the Isonzo Front is an integral part of a wider arrangement of the Park of Nations in the Prevala area. A walking path is to be created to connect this memorial and the one in the “Rest and Contemplation Park”. A “Slovenian platform”, dedicated to the Slovenian soldiers fallen in World War I, is going to be placed along the path as a resting spot with a view over the entire Goriška plain. Additionally, a trench and cavern with a lookout terrace will be arranged at the exit.

Photos: (1, 2) Kreadom; (2, 4) Fundacija Poti miru

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In Solkan take the road to Sveta Gora and follow the road to the Panorama restaurant before the roundabout. The Memorial Park to the Fallen Hungarian Soldiers is located in the parking area below the restaurant.


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20 min.

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