Memorial Park of Perteole

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The Memorial Park of Perteole is located behind St. Andrew’s church on the site of former World War I cemetery. The Municipality of Ruda was then a logistics centre in the Italian rear with many facilities to supply the soldiers. They started burying here in the early summer of 1915. Due to the cholera epidemic, the number of deaths increased to a point when there was no more space for the graves. The cemetery was abandoned at the end of 1915 and officially dismissed in 1935, when the mortal remains were transferred to the charnel house of Redipuglia/Redipulja.
The Memorial Park was made in 1995. It includes a large cross of white limestone, dating from 1915, and 25 iron crosses, commemorating the fallen soldiers of World War I and II.

 Photo: Gabriele Menis, PromoTurismoFVG

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The memorial park stands at the intersection of the roads SP30 and SP54 behind St. Andrew’s church. Some metres further down the road SP54, on the other side, is a civil cemetery where you can park your car.


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30 min.

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