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In order to preserve the historical and cultural heritage that are characteristic of the area of Kanalski Kolovrat, the kitchen with fireplace from the 19th century in the Lukčeva hiša was proclaimed as an ethnological monument of local importance. The fireplace in the Lukčeva hiša is one of the last preserved fireplaces on Kanalski Kolovrat, and it is an excellent example of the development of the architecture in these villages.
Apart from the fireplace, visitors can also admire the ethological collection, the collection of old documents, letters, paintings and the museum collection of items from World War I, which were found in the vicinity of Kambreško and Globočak.

Text: TIC Kanal
Photos: Fundacija Poti miru

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On the Nova Gorica–Tolmin main road you turn left from Ročinj to Kambreško, where Lukčeva hiša is located. Kambreško is reachable also from Livek or Brda.


Jožica Strgar
Kambreško 15
SI‒5215 Ročinj
+386 41 528 592

Visiting the private collection is possible by prior arrangement.

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
1 hr


1 hr

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46.127995, 13.650039

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