Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Loke pri Gorici

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The Austro-Hungarian military cemetery was started directly behind the first front line after the Sixth Isonzo Battle (August 1916) when the front moved to Panovec. Buried in the cemetery are Austro-Hungarian soldiers who fell in the area between Mt. Škabrijel and Panovec, and among them were also Italian soldiers. After the World War I the Italian authorities organized exhumation of mortal remains of their soldiers and transferred them to the Italian charnel house at Oslavia/Oslavje, while 692 Austro-Hungarian soldiers were left in the cemetery.
In the 1980s, the cemetery was rearranged and headstones were set in rows.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photos: Fundacija Poti miru

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The military cemetery Loke lies among vineyards on the southern fringe of the village of Loke. The easiest access is to go from Kromberk towards Ajševica. After a long field plane between Kromberk and Ajševica, turn left before the main junction towards Loke. After a good 600 metres, turn left at the first junction, and after a good 200 metres turn left again at the next junction. A few tens of metres after that junction you will see a cart track on the right side of the road, which leads to the small cemetery surrounded by a vineyard.


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30 min.

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